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multiBLOW, the Stretch Blow Machine

Press Release 08th of Nov. 2016

New in Atlantic C’s Product Portfolio:
multiBLOW, the Stretch Blow Machine

With the purchase of Arcor GmbH's assets in the Spring of 2016, which is now renamed in AC Arcor, the Atlantic C line manufacturer from Bernkastel-Kues adds the important segment of stretch blow molding machines to its range of products.  With this, Atlantic C is now taking advantage of the essential components of a modern beverage line from its own company group.
Rolf Gänz, co-owner and CEO of the Atlantic C Group, considers the integration of stretch blow molding technology into his own portfolio as an important factor in the development of the company's line competence. "Since the founding of Atlantic C in 1994, we have committed ourselves to the principle of Solutions For Lines, and it is only logical that we also integrate our own stretch blow molding machine. " The multiBLOW, which has been on the market since 2013, is a complete self-development of the former Arcor GmbH and covers all current requirements for a stretch blow molding machine. The basic construction is very compact and takes up around (7) seven square meters for the two-cavity machine and nine square meters for the four-cavity machine. Even smaller production plants, medium-sized beverage manufacturers or large bottlers with limited products can thus offer their products economically in PET bottles. In the first half year of sales of the multiBLOW under the direction of Atlantic C already shows success and machines could be sold to customers in the Baltics.

Easy to access, efficient and resource-conserving
When designing all the machine components, special attention was given to the best possible accessibility within the machine. This is demonstrated by the high comfort level when operating the machine as well as short product changeover times. In the preform feed, a swivel mechanism allows fast service on the subassemblies and machine components. The preform transport is followed by a greatly reduced change-over time because, when changing from BPF 28 mm to 28 mm PCO 1810, no change of format is necessary for the height adjustment. The heating furnace is similar in a simple manner: no tooling, the infrared lamps are adaptable to the zones of the preforms to be tempered. The heating lamps are also quickly changed without tools after the oven modules are turned down.
In addition to operator convenience, the machine concept also takes into account high processing reliability and high machine efficiency. Examples of this are, during the preform feed, the sensor monitoring for checking the minimum damming pressure and the plastic guide profiles, which ensure a constant sliding performance of the preforms.
A third important advantage of the multiBLOW stretch blow-molding machine is energy efficiency. The low energy requirement of 65 kW is based on a precise setting of the parameters for the heating and blowing process. In addition, the integrated recovery of blown air allows a reduction in the required air volume.

This is complemented by the opening angle of the blow mold, which can be adjusted specifically for the product. This is how multiBLOW scores with a cycle time reduction and an efficient use of energy. The integrated process monitoring in the on-line mode allows fast adjustment of the production parameters.

Two machine versions
The concept of the completely manufactured machine in Germany provides that both standard bottles and large containers up to 10 liters can be manufactured. MultiBLOW 1 processes bottle volumes of 3 to 10 liters with two cavities at an output of up to 2,200 containers per hour. MultiBLOW 2 has four cavities and produces bottles with a volume of 0.1 to 2.5 liters with a capacity of 6,000 containers per hour. In the company-owned test center in Laufeld near Wittlich in the Eifel, all machines are subjected to the Factory Acceptance Test before delivery to the customers.
The multiBLOW can be viewed at the Autumn Fairs in Germany where Atlantic C will premiere it at the Brau Beviale from 8 to 10 November 2016 in Nuremberg and at Intervitis Interfructa from 27 to 30 November 2016 in Stuttgart.

About Atlantic C
Founded in 1994, Atlantic C is located in Bernkastel-Kues on the river Moselle in Germany.  It offers from bottling to palettizing and commissioning the complete portfolio for bottling and packing lines in the food, beverage as well as cosmetic branches.  In addition to supplying lines, the company executes reorganisation projects for optimal and automatic material flow.  With AC Automation GmbH & Co KG, the company has a team of experts for interlogistic technologies.  The Atlantic C Group has a staff of 80 employees at its locations in Bernkastel-Kues and Augsburg.

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Foto: multiBlow: Space requirement for compact machine is ca. 9 m².

multiBlow: Space requirement for compact machine is ca. 9 m²

Basics for Efficiency Optimization

  • Product specification
  • Set-up time matrix
  • Error analysis
  • Continuance and training of employees
  • Layout optimization
  • Filling plan optimization

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