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Planning of Production Lines and Logistics

In focus of ATLANTIC C’s activities is the customer with his specific requirements. The question is not: What is technically possible?” but how to realize the market or marketing requirements.

ATLANTIC C has a team of experts with extensive experience in the entire production range from new bottle de-palletizing installations in the beverage industry to warehouse and logistic requirements in the food industry and in the field of house and health care.

Each single ATLANTIC C design is individual to be able to ideally realize customer requirements and to have flexibility to ensure that installations can fulfill changing demands. We make use of every possible planning opportunity such as 3D-displays, animations and simulations to have reliable data for making a final decision ahead of time.

ATLANTIC C designs, plans capacity, optimizes and integrates installations and programs optimal operating procedures.

Together with a network of cooperation partners from innovative medium-scale businesses ATLANTIC C has grown to be a supplier of turnkey installations and covers the entire handling processes in the food and beverage industry.

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Basics for Efficiency Optimization

  • Product specification
  • Set-up time matrix
  • Error analysis
  • Continuance and training of employees
  • Layout optimization
  • Filling plan optimization

Basic Questions for Installation Layout

  • Specifications of product to be manufactured consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary packing units
  • Requested flexibility
  • Requested number of items within a certain time frame, peak seasons
  • Space available and layout options
  • Specific surrounding requirements

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