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Transport Technology

Atlantic C plans, manufactures, installs and integrates a complete portfolio of conveying technology such as:
  • Flat top chains
  • Roller conveyors
  • Reel conveyors
  • Flat top chain conveyors
  • Web belts
  • Pallet conveyors

Additionally our scope of supply includes system solutions:
  • Pressureless separation
  • Clamp jaw conveyors
  • Buffering systems
  • Packing distributors and combiners

Hinged Slat Chain Systems

Whether single-lane or multi-lane conveyor, distributor or combiner, parallel or head end stations, outfeed or buffering tables, curves or 90 degree transfer device – all this is part of our modular system.
We apply various types of rails, drives, drip pans and covers depending on customer requirement and request.

Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Are used for bottles, cans, plastic bins and multipacks in film or cartons. Various types are available for a large variety of product packages.
The knife edges reduce the sizes of sheet metal filler plates to a minimum.
Rubberized chain belts avoid problems with pressure points or drifting and are often a good alternative to regular belts.

Reel Conveyors

Are specially used for accumulation of cartons or multi packs in lines. This avoids pressure in front of packing or palletizing machines and offers additional buffering. Reel railings are optionally designed either manually or automatically.
Depending on the requirement we distinguish between:
- Gravity roller conveyors
- Chain-driven roller conveyors
- Belt-driven roller conveyors
- Accumulating roller conveyors

Pressureless Separation

Depending on the line requirements (products, product size and speed) varied separation methods are applied.
All drives are frequency-controlled and controlled in line by means of PLC. The separation receives a signal of the downstream machine and therefore adapts to its speed.

Clamp Jaw Conveyors

Vertical and inclined upstream and downstream conveyors.

Distribution Systems

Proven, robust distribution systems for multi-packs, cases and cartons. Each distributor works frequency-controlled and is integrated into the complete control system.
Distributors may also include additional functions such as outfeed conveyors or turning systems.

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Pressureless Separation

  • increases line effectivity
  • avoids product jams
  • reduces noise
  • treats products with care
  • consolidates even non-round products
  • handles light and sensitive containers
  • diverts fallen products
  • works without mechanical modifications in case of product changes

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