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Efficiency Optimization by MPR

Manufacturing Process Reengineering (MPR) describes the totality of all measures, which are necessary to optimize production flows. The goal is to tighten the value-adding processes by elimination of error sources and implementation of automation. The increase of effectivity and efficiency in the production area results in cost savings and releases resources for benefit of the entire company.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

A significant indicator for the so-called ”installation effectiveness“ is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The basis for calculation is the machine utilization and efficiency rate of the installation as well as the quality grade of the manufactured products. The typical OEE rate lies in the range of 50 to 60 per cent, i.e. the installations practically only perform half of their possible production capacity.

Significant optimization potential specially lies in the removal of “hidden“ sources for loss such as e.g. idle cycles, short production stops and reduced cycle times.

We offer the following Services:

  • Pre-analysis:
    • Supervision of production flow for a certain period of time
    • Determination of actions and priorities
    • Data accumulation
  • Main analysis
    • Supervision of production flow during daily business
  • Evaluation
    • Evaluation and analysis
    • Set-up of catalogue measures
    • Determination of goal
    • Presentation to Management
  • Coaching
    • Implementation of suitable measures
    • Training of employees

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Planning Security with Animation and Simulation of Production lines

Modern industrial installations are extensive investments and therefore long-term commitments for a company. For this reason it is all the more important to have reliable commercial as well as production-related planning data

ATLANTIC C offers reliable decision-making support by realistic animation of processes and realistic simulations of production flows.

For your Project ATLANTIC C offers:
  • Production and warehouse design in 2D- and 3D-illustration
  • 3D-animation of processes in real time
  • Manufacturing Process Reengineering for existing installations
  • Installation analysis and optimization of work flow
  • Simulation of work flows and commodity flows

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