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Reorganization of Existing Installations

Individual Concepts for Individual Lines
ATLANTIC C has been established in the market as consultation and engineering company for the beverage and food industry since 1994. From the beginning the company originating from the wine industry distinguished itself with innovative concepts and individual solutions.

The large restructuring of the wine market in the 90ies from large batch sizes and single units to distinct individuality and very large product variety called for redesign of filling installations. Highly flexible installations with optimized set-up times were in demand. From the beginning Atlantic C stood out from the market with new intellectual approaches and became a much asked for consulting agency for new investments and reorganizations as well as a supplier for turnkey installations. This fact was underlined with repeated innovation awards.

Reorganization of Existing Installations
Since the beginning ATLANTIC C has put importance in an integral approach and consequently optimization of the entire production processes. A main component is the integration of intelligent dynamic buffering systems, which decouple installation parts and processes from one another. This increases efficiency of existing installations by usually two-digit figures.

Example of a Reorganization at a Company of the German Wine Growers Association

Installation Status

After Reorganization

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Basics for Efficiency Optimization

  • Product specification
  • Set-up time matrix
  • Error analysis
  • Continuance and training of employees
  • Layout optimization
  • Filling plan optimization

Basic Questions for Installation Layout

  • Specifications of product to be manufactured consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary packing units
  • Requested flexibility
  • Requested number of items within a certain time frame, peak seasons
  • Space available and layout options
  • Specific surrounding requirements

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