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New Packer Generation for Highest Demands

The new generation is designed for a cycle time of 8 seconds. With a 72 head gripper it can reach up to 32,400 bph. The movements of the machine have been optimized using the latest servo and control technology so that the translation is done smoothly and without jerking.

In addition, the machine has the following new features:
  • Bottles tolerance detection with automatic re-adjustment for a better positioning of the bottles under the grippers to avoid malfunction
  • Fully automatic empty carton positioning (without stopper) combined with a carton program selection on the panel
  • Counting of the bottles at the bottle infeed without flaps
  • Lying Bottle Detection
  • New HMI concept with integrated production programs and easy case and bottles parameterization
  • Maintenance instructions integrated in the HMI operator pane

4-Axis Adjustment

In addition, the packer is equipped with a revision of the proven 4-axis adjustment

Fig.: Function of 4-Axis Adjustment

Automatic adjustment in the axis A (setting on the bottle diameter in length) and the axis B (setting on the bottle diameter in width).
Automatic adjustment in the axis C (setting on the container dimensions in length) and the axis D (adjusted to the container dimensions in width).

Advantages of 4-axis adjustment:

  • Automatic change in the positioning of bottles with different bottles diameters, cardboard thickness, particularly with plastic crates and with partitions.
  • Automatic adjustment of the gripping head for the optimized position to grip the bottles on the infeed
  • During the movement of the head the bottles are moved into the optimized position over the package
  • With this a precise and gentle inserting without label damage is achieved
  • No mechanical stopper

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