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Foto: Rolf Gänz.

managing director

Rolf Gänz

+49 (0)6531 - 50 197-0


Animation and Simulation of Production lines

Planning Security with Simulation

Modern industrial installations are extensive investments and therefore long-term commitments for a company. For this reason it is all the more important to have reliable commercial as well as production-related planning data.

ATLANTIC C offers reliable decision-making support by realistic animation of processes and realistic simulations of production flows.

For your Project ATLANTIC C offers:
  • Production and warehouse design in 2D- and 3D-illustration
  • 3D-animation of processes in real time
  • Manufacturing Process Reengineering for existing installations
  • Installation analysis and optimization of work flow
  • Simulation of work flows and commodity flows

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Engineering, Project Management and Installation Realization

  • Production and warehouse design in 2D- and 3D-illustration:
    • Overall approach for solutions and simulation of all production or warehouse flows
  • Project Management:
    • Integration of interfaces when implementing new systems into the installation concept and realization of project

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