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Mixing / Rainbow Pack

Future-oriented Concepts for all Palletizing and Mixed Display Questions

Mixed sales packaging is in demand more than ever. No matter if looking at the food, beverage, animal food or nonfood industry, the market increasingly demands packaging and displays in specific composition. What used to be manually mixed in the beginning keeps becoming more and more unprofitable. We are offering well-engineered solutions to meet your individual requirements.

ATLANTIC C designs system solutions according to your needs, which are realized with modular robot systems. Due to the modular design based on three basic models all requirements can be fulfilled in an extremely flexible way.

Functions, which may be integrated:

  • Unpacking of various package units
  • Sorting
  • Mixing
  • Packing
  • Palletizing of layers, rows or single units
  • Placing of intermediate layers
  • Placing of empty pallets incl. ½ or ¼ pallets on top
  • Display Palletizing
  • Adaption of modified specifications simple, cost-effective and possible afterwards

System Advantages:

  • modular design
  • flexible
  • short cycle times
  • robust
  • low repair and maintenance
  • long machine life

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Modern Palletizing Installations must correspond to various Requirements:

  • highest possible reliability
  • high performance
  • low maintenance
  • short conversion times
  • clean, stable packing patterns
  • Palletizing of 1/2 or 1/4 pallets
  • Highest possible flexibility
  • Fast adaption to new requirements
  • Compact design
  • Expansion possibilities for future tasks
  • robust design, long machine life

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